Comedy surrealist and one half of Vic and Bob. If not doing comedy or acting, he’s probably painting.


Before finding fame with his comedy, James Roderick Moir was a member of several bands with many different names. He usually played bass guitar and/or sang. He sold tapes of his early material in the back pages of NME magazine under the name “International Cod”.

Vic and Bob

James is best known for his stage name, Vic Reeves, and also his double act with Bob Mortimer.

Reeves and Mortimer’s unique comedy combines surreal and inventive material. It often verges on the bizarre with comedy double act staples such as violent, cartoonish slapstick.

In 2003, The Observer named Reeves and Mortimer one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy. In a 2005 poll to find the Comedians’ Comedian, Reeves and Mortimer came in 9th.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars began running as a regular series in 1995. Maintaining their bizarre and irreverent style, the pair played host to two teams of celebrity guests.


In 1983, Moir began a part-time course at a local art college. He developed his love of painting and eventually persuaded a local art gallery to stage an exhibition of his work. Although still primarily known as a comedian, Moir is gaining a reputation as an artist. His drawings and paintings have been used in his television shows and form a major part of his 1999 book, Sun Boiled Onions.

Advertising & Endorsements

James Roderick Moir has appeared in television advertisements for a number of products.

He has done solo advertising work for a variety of products including MFI, Müller Light, First Direct, Churchill Insurance, Cadbury’s Boost, Mars Bar, Fanta, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Domestos bleach, Maryland Cookies. He has also cross-dressed for an advertisement for 888 Ladies.

In 2011, he featured in an East Coast Trains TV ad promoting the first class service. During the advert, he sketches and paints the surrounding passengers. James also featured in a 2012 radio advert for the company.



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