Harry Enfield
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Only me! Award-winning English comedian with more catchphrases than you can shake a big laughter stick at.

Harry Enfield is a BAFTA-winning comedian, actor, writer and director. Along with his co-stars, Kathy Burke and Paul Whitehouse, he was one of the most prominent TV comedians throughout the 90s.

Saturday Live

He first came to public attention when appearing on Channel 4’s Saturday Live as several different characters. Among these characters was Stavros, a Greek restaurant owner with fractured English; and also Loadsamoney, an obnoxious character who constantly boasted about how much money he earned. Loadsamoney spawned a hit single in 1988 and a sell-out live tour.

Spitting Image

He also provided voices for the British satirical puppet show Spitting Image, and starred as Dirk Gently in the BBC Radio adaptations of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

Harry Enfield and Chums

In 1990 Enfield developed his BBC sketch show, Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, later called Harry Enfield and Chums, with Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke.

Other TV Work

In 2002 Enfield returned to the BBC with Celeb, a new series based on the comic strip of the same title in Private Eye, as the ageing rockstar Gary Bloke. Also in that year, Enfield became the first guest on the revamped version of BBC’s Top Gear and also appeared on the show on 23 November 2008. Enfield has also narrated various TV documentaries such as the Discovery Wings channel “Classic British Aircraft”.

Kevin & Perry Go Large

In 2000 Enfield appeared in his first leading film role playing Kevin alongside Kathy Burke, who played the character’s (male) friend Perry—roles originally created for Enfield’s television series—in Kevin & Perry Go Large. The film charted the pair’s attempt to become professional DJs by travelling to the nightclubs of Ibiza and pestering their idol, the DJ Eyeball Paul, played by Rhys Ifans.

TV Advertising

In 2004 Harry Enfield starred in a series of commercials for Burger King in the United States as Dr. Angus, a character intended to promote the company’s newest hamburger.

He has also starred in TV commercials for Heineken, Dime Bar, Worthington draught bitter, Hula Hoops, British Gas, and Tefal.


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